More Fodder for the Death Spiral

The Energy Information Agency’s recently released numbers on new generation additions for 2014 illustrate a worrisome trend for electric utilities. Solar power continues to make inroads into the nation’s generation base. Solar power is still relatively miniscule with only about 10,000 megawatts of the overall 1 million megawatts of installed…

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AEP Plays the Regulatory Card


American Electric Power is playing the regulatory card in Ohio. The news broke last month that AEP has hired Goldman Sachs to explore the possibility of selling its fleet of Ohio power plants, but the bigger surprise may come as early as April when the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio…

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Welcome to Top Floor Power

Like many others, when I left college I wanted a real world adventure. My choice was bicycling across country. Aiming for experience not speed, I zigzagged across the continent, first heading south to the Smoky Mountains then back north and west across the plains and the Rockies before I pedaled…

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