Hansen’s Back

His celebrity precedes him, but Jim Hansen is making a splash, again. Hansen’s been on a self-imposed hiatus from the celebrity spotlight. He had to be, he said; his notoriety had become too distracting, so he withdrew from the spotlight in order to do science. This is the man, after…

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Going to the MATS for Mercury

The biggest impact of the Supreme Court’s June 29 decision on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule might not be on the MATS regulations that were under consideration but from the legal process the court’s decision sets in motion and the blowback from that process on the Obama Administration’s…

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MATS is Past; Carbon is King


Everyone is trying to read the tea leaves on whether or not the Supreme Court will uphold the Environmental Protection Agency’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule, but like the horse that is already in the field, those emissions have already left the stack. MATS, which is set to go…

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